1.1    Background of the Study  
Accounting plays a vital role in the promotion of economic growths and enhancement of any organization. This important role which accounting plays cannot be over-emphasized. Hence every business organization uses the financial report to communicate information about its performance, resources and obligations to interested parties. And establishment without proper financial management and accountability is doomed since the whole world is turning out to a competitive global village. The ability to survival, rivalry depends on the power control of the resources of public organization. This by implication means  that there should be checks and balances especially in disbursement of public fund in order for the organization to form. in Nigeria, there are various stating requirements that must be considered in the perception of find reports which include: The companies and Allied matter Ael 1990 (as amended).

Accounting standard and predicted by the Nigerian Accounting standard Board.   Other statutory legislations eg. Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)’s product of Guidelines and stock Exchange rates.   Company’s Accounting policies. The Acts and Bodies are put in place to guide and regulate the activities of accounting. The issue is: are they judiciously kept? Inspite of the existence of accounting professional in the accounting in most public organization, misappropriation of fund has been the order of two day.   The management officials often interferes in the activities of accounting personnel. Those interferences are most often not in accordance with accounting rules and regulations, but to satisfy their personal interest. The resultant affect of thus, of course, is misappropriation of public fund. Although there are audit sections established in public organization, yet the funds misappropriate are not detected and even when detected are most often not pointed out as the auditors are given some packages as bribe.

It is worthy to note here that most frauds are committed in conjunction with either the accounting staff or the top management staff. Accounting staffs serve in a particular unit over many years. Thus practice does not anger well with the accounting status of any organization, hence it can lead to fraud as well as inefficiency in the operating of the accounting personnel. The question here is has can organizations must utilize the accounts department to control her expenditure, to ensure effective financial prudence?  Hence to interest of the researcher in this research project with a focus on the Nigeria Television Authority. NTA Channel 8, Enugu. The Nigeria Television Authority annual 8, Enugu. “The Station for Cellence” is the second oldest television station in Nigerian and Africa. Coming after UNTV/WWBS (NW NTA IBADON) which came on stem in 1959. the station, then known as ENBS/ENTV, Started transmissions with a 1kw transmitter on October 1,1960. it administrative block was at No. 2 Ogui Road, Enugu, with its Accounts office of No. 6 Ogui Road, Enugu (the present judeofo building,) while the Broadcasting House was located at the top floor of ACB building, Ogui Road Enugu, from have the station redocates to its present site at the intendance layout, Enugu.  The first Chief Executive was Mr. Peter Prumlum. In 1967, all existing television stations in the country were taken over by federal government. This gave birth to the Nigeria television activity. Accordingly, NTA Enugu was eractive from the formar ENBS/ENTV to become NTA Enug.   Like all other NTA production centres NTA Enugu is headed by a general manager and less six discussion for effective management, namely:-  Administrative, Engineering programes, marketing, was and current affairs and finance.

The problems associated with the management of public expenditure in public organizations are stated as follows:-    There is no proper managements   Top management official do not allow accounting personnel to carry out duties freely.     Both management and staff commit fraud.   There are inefficient accounting staff.

Having identified the problems associated with the management of public funds in some public establishment, the researcher aims at the followings:-     To find out the extend to which public finds are being misappropriated.   To ascertain to extent to which top management officials intefere in the activities of the accounting staff.   to find out extent to which management and staff contribute to cases of fraud.   To determine the extent to which inefficiency of account staff contributed to ineffective accounting control.

The scope of this study boarders on mismanagement /misappropriation of accounting services, causes of fraud and level of inefficiency of the accounts staff in NTA Enugu.

Having identified the numerous problems associated with the management of public expenditure, complied with the objectives which the researcher ought to accomplish, the following research questions are put down:-
1. To what extent are public funds being misappropriated in public establishments due to corruption in the society.
2. To what extent does management officials interfere in the activities of accounting personnel.
3. To what extent are frauds committed by either the staff or management owing to ineffective accounting controls.
4. To what extent does inefficiency of the accounts staff contribute to non-effective accounting control of public expenditure.

HO1:  There will be no significant difference at the probability level of 0.05 between the mean perception of senior and junior staff of NTA Enugu or how public funds ace being mismanaged.
HO2:  There will be no significant difference < 0.05 between the mean perception of senior and junior staff of NTA Enugu on the extent, which top management officials interfere in the activities of accots staff.
HO3  There will be no significant difference (n < 0.05) between the mean perception of senior and junior staff of NTA Enugu on how management and staff entitled to fraud practices in the station.
HO4  There will be no significant difference (p < 0.05) between the mean perception of senior and junior staff of NTA, Enugu on how in efficiency of accounts staff lead to inadequate accounting control.

The significance of the researcher station as follows:-     This study will assist accounting staff in various public organization to know the proper way to manage pubic finds.   To provide possible solutions to the interference of top management officials in the activity of accounting staff.   To ensure maximum utilization of audit sections and internal control  systems to avoid cases of fraud.   Finally to prefer solutions to inefficiency of staff of account section