Life is our modern society is generally not with out stress.Stressful, experienced have become parts and parcel of living in contemporary society in almost all human endeavour.  Human beings do unavoidably go through some element of stress.  As a result of wants of things through pressure or urgency by trying to engage in complex and different problems.Stress occupied the prominent position in the psychological and economic life of people, therefore, it is seen as a disrupted of human resources management as factor that cannot be discouraged or rather over looked.The researchers considered the congestive role and impact this stress has generated to employees (modern managers) its renders in terms of contract the employers interest are merely focused in terms of contract, the employer. Interest are merely focused on how to maximize profit through increase in volume at sales, reduce costs of labour and through other pleasures to reduce cost as to achieve the organizational goal.However, the failure or ignorance of this would be for employer to check the emotions and condition of service, which creates more problem tan expected who are in the lab it of paying for salaries but fails to realize that some managers are overused as a result or work bad while some are raised by frustration in trying to satisfy one duty or the other and this frustration are most manifested in their mood as anxiety, anger, objected, dehumanization and defloration.  These ill feeling gives a longer ray to cause trouble (stress) to most people on this note, I emphasis that stress management is very important in checking this ugly trend.Both private and public business managers stand the risk to acquire stress as a result of their personality trait which found form parts of this research study to know how it contributed to stress and how it will be resolved.
The problem could be stated in different forms as follows:
i. Do small and big business employers undergo studies relating to workers motivational outfit towards their job performance?
ii. Is it true that understandings of manager’s background will assist in achieving effective use to human resources management without stress?
iii. Does personality of managers contribute to administrative stress?
1.3            PURPOSE OF THE STUDY
i.      The study is aimed at exploring an avenue to improve the social, psychological welfare of workers
.ii.     To ensure that there is smooth running of affairs and activities of managers in every part of the organization without burden of work load.
iii.      To exist the managers who are stress prone on how to improve their condition.
iv.      To educate generally, both present and future managers or danger of stress.
v.       To remind the decision takers or top management officials to elegist from any managerial practice that will lead workers into stress.
H0:    Does lack of proper management techniques contribute to managers stress in Hallmark Bank
Hi:     The managers personality trait does not contribute to administrative stress in the organization.
Hii:    Is work load a cause of stress in Hallmark Bank?

In trying to satisfy the managements, managers are overused with workload, and thereby easily get tried, and frustration may come in.


The study is geared towards curbing the ignorance of private and public employees are to redirect and lay emphasis on the effective method of utilizing manpower without exposing these modern managers to health hazards.Hence the application of the managements technique as an indispensable and integrated parts of any business outfit.The research intended to recommends in a board and elaborated manner three simple techniques of management that will be useful to the employees.
The research tries to simplify these techniques of management to a layman’s understanding on how to apply or utilize manpower without exposing them to danger.As an educative approach to educate employer who to start up business by knowing how to use workers with out overloading them or causing ill felling that generates stress.Existing employers are bond to benefit immensely from this study been acquainted with various procedures necessary for proper and adequate management techniques.Definitely, the impacts of the study will go a long way in exposing and correcting the problems at hand.
1.6            SCOPE OF THE STUDY
This study will cover the area of deficiency emanating from non-application of management techniques in private business operation, which does leads to stress.This study though limited to Enugu State will not lose sights of the facts that it should be done in such a way that will make it relevant to any other business properties both big and small in other parts of Nigeria.Though the research does not intend to deviate from the focus of this study but will rather study every aspect of it given the available data and information.
Every effort will be made to carry out this research work meticulously, though there is certain limitation due to opposing variables militating against the progress of the research, the factors are stated below.
FINANCE:Only the economic realities the cost of things as regards to the research materials research goes a long way to hinder the good motive of the research about making other necessary previsions and findings.
TIME:        There is a limited time frame available for the study, which results mainly due to the shortness of the academic session.  This time factor will in no small way effect the study.
ACADEMIC:      There are other opposing factors in the sense that equal attention has to be paid to other assignments.
1.8            DEFINITION OF TERMS
Public organization:     It is said to belong to the state and the people.  It is state owned or public owned.  The concept is used to designate or describe any enterprise established, owned and managed by the governments.  Also the government involves the local, state and federal governments.
Private organization:    It is a concepts used by the federal or state government of Nigeria in its arrest exercise of selling at some of he shares of its organization to individuals as well as making some of them to be profit oriented.  Also privatization is a process whereby organizations owned by the public are handed over to the individuals through payments of funds or buying up the public ventures by individuals.
Employer:  It is defined as any person who has entered into a contact of employments to employ any other person as a worker either for himself or for the service of any other person and it includes manager, the agent and also the personal representative if a decreased employee.
Employee:  This can be defined as any person who has entered into or works under a contact with an employer whether the contract is for manual labour or clerical work.
Motivation:  It is the way managers urges, aspirations, drives and needs of his workers achieving a goal at the end of any work and also it direct, control and explain their behaviour.
Infrastration: This is an act of being frustrated that is being defeated or disappointed e.g. embittered by numerous failures.  Also if your work is not noticed you tend to be frustrated hereby not putting enough resources in your work.
Stress:  It is defined as a passive condition causing hard ship and disquiet.


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