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1.1               Background to the Study

Attendance to school is very important during educational activities or academic studies. The issue of school attendance of primary school in rural areas has been a problem affecting the performance of student. School and home factors affects students’ attendance, the social status and educational level of parents influence school attendance. (Ogherbvu 1999, Alio 2003 66-69)

Primary education is the initial stage of education, and has its basic aim to create, establish and offer opportunities to all children regardless of age, gender, or country of origin, to achieve a balance, cognitive, emotional and psychomotor development.

The importance of primary education can be seen in the sense that all beneficiaries of other levels of education by necessity have to pass through this level.(Oni 2008).Success and failure of the entire educational system as determined by primary education. (Oni 2008)

Some parents wouldn’t send their children to school because of the fear that western education would disrupt their Islamic way of life and the preference for the local language. They prefer the help which children render to them on their farms, in the markets and other traditional occupations which form an important part of economic survival of the parents, others will send their children to school but the children may not go to school.


1.2               Statement to the Problem

This study is aimed at finding out whether poor attendance has effect on pupils performance in primary schools in Gada local government area, Sokoto state.

1.3               Research Questions

The following research questions have been raised to guide this


1.   Are primary school pupils absenting themselves from their various schools within Gada local government area?

2.   Doespoor attendance affect pupils performance in primary schools in Gada local government area?

3.   What are the factors affectingpupils attendance to school in Gada local government?

1.4               Objectives of the Study

The objectives of the study are:-

1.   To find out whether primary school pupils absent themselves from their various schools within Gad local government.

2.   To find out how poor attendance affect pupils performance in primary schools in Gada local government.

3.   To identify the factors affecting pupils attendance to school in Gada local government area.

1.5               Significance of the Study

This study would will be of great benefits to the following educational bodies:-


1.   To the state ministry of education and officials, particularly for planning purposes and policy implementation.

2.   Local government education authority for effective mobilization, enlightenment and enrolment drive initiative.

3.   To various school administrators, such as Headmasters, headmistress and even to classroom teacher for proper pupils.

1.6      Scope and Delimitations of the Study

This study is only restricted to formal type of schooling and is delimited to the first level of education i.e. primary school.

Its respondent is drawn from members of the community involving parents, teachers, headmasters, and Local government education authority (L.G.E.A) officials.

The study is to examine the poor attendance and its effects on primary school pupils’ performance in Gada local government area, Sokoto state.



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