Since is always in the business of helping students, especially, final year students racking their brains for final year project topics that’ll be eligible to present to their project supervisors and ultimately to get them raving marks in their results; we have become concerned and wish to make an array of final year project topics that are catchy, relevant and has minimal cost of research.
This article is not a final authority in the relevance of these proposed final year project topics but a quasi guide, that should give final year students an idea of what their final year project topic should be and how to go about constructing them.
Having a balanced final year project topic can be a serious challenge, especially, taking into consideration the condition of the present economy; final year students seek for final year project topics with minimal research cost, are relevant to the current situations in the country and catchy, as opposed to lengthy and ‘discombobulated’…just like the parenthesized word.
Over time, we have come across final year project topics that are quite confusing and generally too busy with variables. For example, “The impact of Recession on the Manufacturing Industry and Communications as it Affects Banking Habits”: this topic was an instant headache, but still, we helped.
Without pointing out, one can immediately say that the above final year project topic is not catchy, or has minimal research cost, it might be relevant, but its relevance is lost in the over-crowdedness of variables to test. Variables being “Recession” “Manufacturing Industry” “Communications” and “Banking Habits”; one is left to wonder which of these variables should be tested, what tools to use, and the whole final year project writing experience becomes a burden and a punishment, instead of a learning experience.
Belatedly, but significant to this article, the above final year project topic could have been coined in several, simpler forms, like:-
1.       “The Importance of Communications as it affects Customers’ Banking Habits”
2.       “The Importance and Impact of Communications in curbing premature Retirement in the Manufacturing Industry”
3.       “The Impact of Recession as it affects Customers’ Banking Habits”
4.       “Banking Habits and its effect on the Manufacturing Industry”
5.       “Recession and its impact on Productivity in the Manufacturing Industry”
And so many other simple and catchy final year project topics that could have been made from just that complicated one; not just simple and catchy but minimal in research cost and general project writing effort.
As promised in the beginning, we will array a sample of simple but effectively adroit final year project topics from some of the popular departments.

1.       Insurance Education and how it affects an Undergraduate’s Financial Behavior
2.       The Influence of Family background on the Academic performance of Students
3.       Qualification in Physics Education and its impact on Teaching Style in Secondary Schools
4.       The Effects of Teachers Involvement in Examination Malpractice
5.        Roles and Importance of Education Qualification among Primary and Secondary School Teachers.

1.       The effect of Business Organization in Nigerian Companies
2.       The Importance of Management in general Business Administration
3.       The extent which Business Administration assists in Banking Operations
4.       Significance of Entrepreneurial Studies in the Understanding of Business Analysis
5.       The significant role of Business Organization in Small Scale Enterprises

1.       The Problem of Financing Government Corporations
2.       Private Sector and the Problem of Working Capital Management
3.       Importance of Proper Accounting in Modern Day Business
4.       Impact of Auditing in Controlling Fraud and other Financial Irregularities
5.      Taxation as an Aid to Economic Development: Pros and Cons.

The list grows extensively, for final year project topics in any department of choice, please visit We hope this article has been of immense help in giving final year students an idea of how their final year project topics should be effectively coined.