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Design and implement an airline seat reservation system



            Computer can be define as an electronic device which has the capability to accept data in a prescribed form, perform some series of operation on it and present the result as output information. That is to say the computer is very versatile because of its electronic nature, it is also efficient i.e as speed as possible, it has a large storage capacity.

            The distinctive performance of the computer ranges from high speed, process, ability to store large volume of information, capability to program and ability to perform series of operation with distinct accuracy.

            Before the advent of the modern day computer, many machines had been used in relative to the computer, some of which ranged from the Napler’s Bone, Abacus, Holleriths Punched Card and a host of other contributions from people like Pascal Blaise etc. in a later time, the computer were designed and up date from one generation to another, so as to meet up with the standard of living them.

            Finally for now, the computer system has been so designed with components like the IC’s (Integrated Circuit) to replace the formerly resistor, capacitors and the like which make the computer to be too large and produce much heat.

            Nowadays, we have computer in differences size form, we have the Laptop computer (Micro computer) and even the Palmtop the (Micro computers).

            The distinctive characteristics performance of the computer gained demands different professions e.g. Universities, Banks as e – Banking, Commerce, Science and research institutes and in airline reservation system etc.

            It could be concluded with the above character and demands that surely in future time the computer shall rule the world.


            The Wright Brothers invented and built the first airplane, Gliders had been flown without engines and balloons had been flown with engines, but the Wright Brothers plane was the first powered heavier than air craft to take off and land safely. They also built the gas line engine for it. Orvile Wright was the pilot on its first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, in the 17th of December 1903. it weighted 750 pounds, had a wingspan of forty feet and cost less than & 1000 (one thousand dollar) to build this marked the beginning of the air transport. It was in Europe, that the aero plane was first put into regular carriage of passengers.

            In 1916, England, an airline company known as “Aircraft” transport and travel was formed for scheduled passenger, flight and mail service as soon as the war was over.  N daily inauguration as the world first airline operated by Britain, France, Netherlands and the Italians were flying nearly 9 million miles and carrying 100,000 passengers annually.

            But today, many other countries have joined in the race with Airline also some African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and others are not left out as they transport both local and international or either. Some typical examples of airline in Nigeria are British Airways, Albarika Airways, Aero Contractor etc



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