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It has been said that the modern world is living in an Information Age where among others information and communication technologies take centre stage in the lives of its actors and actresses (Campbell 2004, p.2). This has been true in recent years when communication has become electronic-based due to the convergence of computers and telecommunications infrastructure (Mohammad, 1997). Key in this convergence is Email and Internet which makes content creators, consumers and distributors bask in an age with information they never imagined only three decades ago. Beginning 1997, the media in Nigeria just like elsewhere in the world has not escaped the technological inventions and perceived gains of the Information Age especially the Email and Internet. Though Email and Internet penetration is still very low (at about 0.5 percent) its electronic and print media industry seems to have Email and Internet as a tool for their profession. Most dynamic has been the Communication and communication and communication and journalism sector which are utilizing the Email and Internet at various levels. Assuming that communication and communication and journalism in Nigeria needs the Email and Internet, the aim of this study is to analyze the use of the Email and Internet in communication and communication and communication and journalism in Nigeria by developing knowledge of its infrastructure, knowledge levels, perceived gains and obstacles

of its use as a journalistic tool. Using interviews and respondent questionnaires among managers and journalists respectively, the findings demonstrate that with proper and regular access to the Email and Internet, Communication and communication and communication and journalism in Nigeria seem to feel ‘updated on information’ and ‘technology’. This study aims at identifying the impact of information technology and internet on news media in Nigeria.



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