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This research work is designed to examine the issue of child labour in Edo State with a special focus on Benin City. The research instrument used was the questionnaires, one hundred respondents were used for the study, problems were  raised and the results obtained were used to answer the research questions. Lack of parental care contribute towards the issue of child labour. The result also revealed that child labour can be eradicated. The result also showed that if the government could come out with a favourable policies that child labour will be minimized. The result also revealed that child labour will be able to divert the attention of the child from school. The result also revealed that the government should create an awareness programme against the effect of child labour.





A case of child labour in societies today is not a new phenomenon as some might have argued. According to a school of thought, child labour is not alien to our cultural values. It is part and parcel of our traditional culture where by a child is expected to help the parent in augmenting the meager income or resources by selling or hawking farm produce like pepper, tomatoes, okro, vegetable etc on the street or in the neighborhood. This practices is to train child, the ability is to be sufficient and helping in giving him courage to face future challenges in marriage either as a woman of a man. Even Though this line of argument is not generally acceptable among the scholar, it was however acknowledged that child labour if there has been any benefit derived by the child morally, has become monster threatening the lives of these vulnerable, Nigeria child in the contemporary time of ours.

Increased incidence of child labour in urban and metropolitan cities across Nigeria in record. Times have received a lot of attention from the press, no Governmental organization (N. G. O) poets, musicians visual artist and researchers is our higher institution of learning. One of the major factors responsible for the increase according to Gwon (1991-23) is the dissembling of the traditional culture which by extended family system regards child care as a community responsibility but has been destroyed by capitalistic culture or orientation of our modern times.

In Benin City, a capital of Edo state, child labour has significantly increased from insignificant number, it was some years back to worrisome which deserves a drastic and urgent attention from all the stake Holden’s in child development the parents, government and the society. Though there is no statistical figures to back up the increase, the number of children see daily on the streets in Benin metropolis as path hawkers, touts, bus conductors, car washers, wheelbarrow pushers etc is a clear indication that the menace of child labour is gradually becoming a complex and intricate problem. It is on this basis that this project will attempt to study the daily life of children in Benin City and the traumatic experiences they pass through daily.


The issue of child labour in Edo State with special focus on Benin City in general has some problems associated with it in this project the researcher intends to  identify the problems and strategies of solving them in doing this the following question are to  guide; What are the roles of government in child labour? What are the effects of child labour in the society? What are the roles of the parents in child labour? What are the ways child labour can be eradicated?


The aims and objective of this study is to investigate the issues of child labour and also provide solutions to the problem of child labour in Edo State with special focus on Benin City.

1.  To investigate the causes of child labour

2.  To provide information on the effect of child labour

3.  To investigate the role of government in child labour.

4.  To provide infor5mation on how to minimize child labour.

5.  To find out the role of parents in child labour.


Child they say are the hope of tomorrow. It is therefore important and necessary to engage in efforts that will enhance their well being by drawing attention to their present predicaments, thereby help the government to formulate policies that will protect the rights of these weak members.