This work is an attempt to produce a quality hair gel that will last for a long time without any side effect. The methodology adopted in this work follows strictly the procedure documented by Nathan Cordero and Raphael Cordero in their own project work, which was carried out by the used of some materials like:

Carbopole – The major binder

Decongested water – oxidation

Ethanol – preservative

Colour – colouration

Sodium hydroxide – for thickness

Strawberry – aroma

All attempt at a quantitative production of the product were hampered by paucity of chemicals and laboratory instruments. This work may not be said to be very successful but indications to the chemicals constituents of the product samples used was achieved.

Further conclusion of the result of the work is given in chapter four of this write up.


We are grateful to God almighty in whose infinite mercies we are able to accomplish this task.

We wish to express our profound gratitude to our project supervisor, Mr. Ray Oforezue without whose personal assistance and advice this work would not have been possible.

We wish also to express our gratitude to out parents and well-wishers who gave us their moral and financial support. Our thanks go to our HOD Mr. Amuh J.N and the entire staff of Science Technology department as a whole.

Others, worthy of mention is Miss Uchechukwu Nebo who took us to the person that thought us about this project practically.

Finally, we are grateful to ourselves, and all those who in one way or the other helped in the completion of this work.



A gel is a nice cosmetic that is used to style hairs. The use of hair gel depends on the style that one wants to do. In the production and development of hair gel, there are modifications and new styles are still coming out.

Scientists have contributed to the growth of hair gel, that it has become the cosmetic of no one but he who makes the best of it.

This chapter presents a survey of the cosmetic (gel) from the early beginning to present and future use as means of diverting the knowledge of the path cosmetic gel has taken to become what it is and would be many years today.


The development of gel could be divided roughly into three periods:

i.        Colourless hair gel

ii.       Black hair gel

iii.      Spray hair gel.


This is the first hair gel that was introduced, which looks like starch. It was good and lasts for sometimes when applied to the hair but its disadvantage was that shows whitish colour when applied.

During the time it was introduced, it was rich and significant other great work it does was that it holds the hair firm, beautiful and there are many ways and styles used to apply it.

ii.       BLACK HAIR GEL

As time went on, the black hair gel was introduced. This gave greater impetus to the development of hair gel. One of the most important adantage of this is that it does not change the price of hair gel, hence it makes the whitish colour that appear in the colourless gel not to be seen, when applied to the hair. It makes the whole hair black. It suits all hair type and darkens coloured and grey hair.