In the olden days, man has suffered several disease associated with poor oral hygiene, some of which are  bacteria plaque on tooth surface, cavities and decay of the tooth. The desire of man to understand the complexities of life within his surroundings had led man to study and found ways to better his living conditions and had persisted to present day. However the advancement of technology, has brought about more effective means or ways of keeping man in a better condition.  This has led to the discovery  of several compounds in corporate to combat  some of this discomfort in man. This is known as toothpaste.  Thus too paste is the mixture of some compounds used in the cleaning of teeth, gum and tongue with the aid of toothbrush

This project, though not a new area of development challenged our ordinary look at the subject matter with a view to finding a possible means of improvement. The choice of a good toothpaste therefore, is determined by some components, among  them are, the active ingredients which strengthen and protect the teeth from bacterial, and the inactive ingredients which keep the texture and improve the taste of the toothpaste.

Emphasis has been on the basic needs of man like food clothing, shelter and health care.  Later, it was discovered  that there are others needs which are necessary to sustain ones life. These necessities as they are called led to the discover of toothpaste for cleaning the teeth. Toothpaste is the mixture of some compounds used in cleaning the teeth, gum and tongue with the help of a toothbrush.

Dental decay is also known as dental caries which is the key factor that led to the formulation of toothpaste hence, no discussion on toothpaste will be complete without mentioning dental caries.   Dental caries is brought about by the release of organic  acid in bacteria plague which is present in most tooth surface. It is also the means of depositing an anticariogenic and plague inhibiting substances at the carious  or plague sites in the oral  cavity.  The bacteria causing dental caries are either destroyed or their activities hindered by the use of toothpaste (Gottlieb,2004).

Tooth decay is the major dental which was traced back to some thousand years ago. Research shows that there is a cuneiform clay tablet dated 4000BC, at the British museum which expounded the theory of “ tooth worn”  as a cause of tot decay (Jerikins, 2001). Carbohydrate metabolism by the action of bacteria produce acid for carious process.  The bacteria grows where there is  poor oral hygiene (Brown, 2009).


To prepare toothpaste for cleaning the teeth in order to reduce dental caries in the teeth.


This project is embark upon with a view to examining the major ingredient for the preparation of toothpaste.  It is  the objective of this study to prepare a toothpaste containing sodium Mono Fluorophosphate which help to  reduce dental caries.


Due to the scarcity of one the major ingredients which is supposed to be used in  this project,  (sodium Mono flurophate), we used sodium fluride as a substitute. Moreover, this product, contains desensitizing agent which is only used when there is tooth sensitivity.  It is therefore not recommended for long-term use, unless it is under the supervision of a dentist.