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 1.0      Background to the study

It is universally accepted that, radio is one of the most ubiquitous, the most effective and cheapest medium of communication available to man. Today, it provides the opportunity to send information widely across the globe. Radio wills a lot of power in the promotion of culture in any society that is developed or developing. Because is radio relatively cheaper in price, portable in size and the use of dialects or local languages makes a lot of people tune to the radio more than they tune to the television or even read news papers.

It is generally difficult to deny that, an enormous portion of our lives is spent on interacting with the mass media. Despite the pervasiveness of the media especially radio in our lives, many are dissatisfied with the critical of the media industries performance and which of content provided. We criticize yet consume.

There is no doubt that, radio plays an important role in the promotion of culture. This is because it is the most ubiquitous and it probably has the greatest potential for socialization. Using programs that enlighten people on cultural objective like family planning campaigns political campaigns how to improve family methods, how to improve preventive and corrective health service as well as dissemination of religious messages.

    Daramola(2003)on his part posits that:

Radio can affect History and culture, it is an important instrument of social change, An Agent of mobilization and socialization. The Government often uses Radio for passing propaganda information, mobilization and to Galvanize support for a particular policy or Developmental programmes. Radio helps to create what is internationally known as global village.

            Therefore, this lead the researcher to study on “Radio and the promotion of culture”  to find out how people are educated through the use of radio . Using selected Hausa Programme “Tuna  Baya  Shine  Roko” in FRCN, Kaduna.

In Nigeria today, FRCN has really enhanced culture in Nigeria especially in Northern states. Culture can be defined as total way of life of the people.  Every society, no matter how civilized or uncivilized has its way of life. This way of life is carried on from one generation to the other, it is naturally impacted onto the young ones through various channels of communication of which one of the outstanding is the electronic media like the FRCN. Radio Nigeria plays the role of disseminating information or messages to its target audience. Through this medium information is passed to the people.

Communication according to Nwuneli (1985) is the sharing of experience, which may involve two or more people.

Nwosu (2007) sees communication as the process whereby we attempt to transmit our thoughts, ideas or emotions to others.

Goldevin (1991) says communication is the sharing of information on an established dialogue between planners and project, participants being at the design stages and extending through implementation and evaluation.

From the above definitions, it is clearly stated that communication means to share information, ideas, opinions, feelings and experiences between people. For communication to get to its targeted audience, it must pass through a channel like Radio Nigeria.

The media is a compound of many things rolled into one, the media is divided into two:  the Broadcast and the Print Media. The media helps in disseminating information, cultural transmission and bring about news entertainment.

Therefore, through the broadcast media, crucial roles are played in educating members of the society and enlightening the people on the need to uphold their culture.

The Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria (FRCN) is believed to have the capacity to break the barrier of illiteracy and bring overall development of the society. This perspective has been accepted by different authorities in mass communication.

1.1       Statement of the Problem

Radio since inception in 1932, was about to promote Nigerian culture. Culture has been explained as one of the most profound concept to come out of modern social sciences. This is to say that a society cannot exist in isolation from Culture, no culture can exist except as it is embodied in the society of man. No society can operate without Cultural directives and the relationship between Culture and society is like body and mind.

            It is based on these aforementioned reasons that Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria, (FRCN) Kaduna put together a programme called “Tuna Baya Shine Roko” which is aimed at promoting Nigerians Culture and to enhance Radio contribution to culture. It is against this backdrop that this research is set out to access the perception of the program “Tuna Baya Shine Roko”. Similarly, how it influences Nigerians and how it gives adequate explanation about Nigerian culture. Therefore, This study examines the programme” Tuna Baya Shine Roko” on the Promotion of Culture.

1.2    Objectives  of  the  Study

This study is set to achieve the following objectives:

1.     Find out the extent to which the audience are aware of the programme “Tuna Baya Shine Roko”.

2.     To determine the levels of understanding towards the programme “Tuna Baya Shine Roko”.

3.     Find out the extent to which the programme “Tuna Baya Shine Roko” influences the behavior of the audience.

4.     Examine the extent to which the programme “Tuna Baya Shine Roko” enhances the culture of Nigerians.

5.     To examine audience responses on the programme “Tuna Baya Shine Roko.”

 1.3      Significance of the Study

From the word go, Radio format has been used as the most effective platform for the promotion of Culture and public enlightenment.

The study would assist the stake holders such as the government, communication professionals, Nongovernmental Organisations, the academia, students and scholars with knowledge on Radio and Culture.

                In furtherance, a better knowledge of people and their culture  help in social integration and better understanding . This indeed, is very important for all stakeholders. Finally, the  study is  useful for further studies on similar  related  area .

1.4       Scope of the Study

The Study focuses on the promotion of culture through Radio taking FRCN, Kaduna programme “Tuna Baya Shine Roko” as case study.

1.5       Limitations of the Study

The researcher encountered some challenges in the course of this research work; some of the challenges include the following:

 Financial Constraints: The researcher worked under very low budget, which made it difficult to cover the logistic needs for this project such as transportation cost and materials.

 Respondent’s accessibility: From the outset, it was difficult to get people who are willing to contribute to the study like interviews etc.

Similarly, some respondents from the chosen population, could not understand the questions in the questionnaire .Finally, the time frame for the completion of this study was so short. The researcher needs more time to effectively cover all aspects of the study.

1.6       Research Questions

The Research Questions are as follows:

1.     To what extent do the audience get aware of the programme “Tuna Baya Shine Roko” ?

2.     What is the level of understanding of the programme “TunaBaya Shine Roko” ?

3.     To what extent do the programme influences the behavior of the audience?

4.     To what extent do the programme “Tuna Baya Shine Roko” enhances the culture of Nigerians?

5. What is the audience response to the programme?

1.7       Definition of Terms

RADIO: in this work, radio means the piece of electrical equipment or wireless equipment that receives and also transmits information.

PROMOTION: The word promotion in this study is used as an activity that encourages people to believe and value the importance of culture that helps something to succeed.

CULTURE: In this research, culture means the custom, ideas, and social behavior of a particular people or society especially at a particular time.

FRCN: means Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria.

COMMUNICATION: is the sharing of experience which involves two or more people.



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