Right now it is clear that no man’s effort has been able to remedy the problem of mankind, even so it has been back in the history. Notiching this trend, some people seeking refuge in the world of God and strong enough in faith. They Love to be rich more than God and so become like the seed that falt among thorns and were choked. These people established churches and prayer house here and there, instead of teaching people the truth about Life, take to enriching them selves and preaching about prosperity. And so the problem of man kind remains unsolved even by prayers. How can God answer the prayer of the ungodly. With the view that man is a failure in his effort to question still remains what shall be done to quench this fire that is devouring mankind. With this, the story of the prodigal son comes to mind.The prodigal son wanted his own share of his father’s property or wealth, when this was given to him, he went and misused it when he was hungry stickmen, disease prone and dejected just as to compare with the Situation of the world of man today.

The prodigal son remembered his fatter with humble heart and this he did and was accepted and taking care of by the wealthy father, so if the world is compared to the prodigal son, it then means that the solution to the problem lies in the Lord Their God, and for them to come to God it has to be in total surrender in supplication because God never look down on a Lowly heart. Supplication as the advance Learners dictionary has it means humble prayer. This humility is not the type that a hypocrites, can do but the type a determined individual who knows that he is in a problem and wants to be saved from his problem can do. Self denial to have a complete love   for a fellow man and total devotion to the Biblical viewing him solve them. And my own is based on Biblical believe.


This study intend to remind people that whatever they make supplication and some people don’t know God is well appreciated and is clear that this project is meant for those people so that they can recognize their creator and have solution to their problem. Other people may say they worship God, but do it in hypocritically. I want to make it clear that if is this set of people that cause the worst havoc to the earth and man, people should stop pretending to be good in its true sense then will things be good for them.


This concept, supplication was executed by me in sculpture to allow both the literate and the illiterate to have a look at a humble manner and pose in which man supposed to be in front of God at this material period. The sculpture piece which is a figure of a woman kneeling down covering her head as a sign of humility and Loyalty, During the period of our fore fathers, they normally take their problem to the idols they made with their own hand which is not the best for them, but rather, they should left up their hands to God with a clear heart for the solution of their problem, because God almighty is the ultimate.


The significant of this figure and its pose it’s the world in total surrender to God through Christ. The female figure reprensents the mother world, representing all the that the world, philosophically, this claim which means that the woman gave birth to all the races of the world, and the God to re-cleansed because in iniquity our parents concieved us.


For this work to stand firm there are some basic material that were involved which includes,

GOUGES: There are similar to chisels for there carved cutting edges gouges where particularly use for mortising.

MALLET: It has a shape of hammer but different because of it rubber head it is used for hammering the chisel and gouges.

CHISEL: A flat edge of metal with handle use for wood carving in various design (pattern).

AXE: usedr cutting and shaping log of wood.

RASP: This is used for cupping off of unwanted place during finishing.

MAQUETTE: A model of small size of the main work.

SKETCH: Preliminary drawing of the main work.

TEXTURE: The process of applying rough but deliberate design on the work for beauty purpose.

SAND PAPER: Use for smoothing of the word surface.