Industrialization is a major development initiative that brings about massive development to a community be it rural or urban. With establishment of an industry the people stand to benefit in the way jobs are created security is provided, infrastructural development arrives and there is a general improvement in the welfare of the people. In the same vain, the community stand at a risk in being affected in numerous other ways. InGboko local government area of Benue state. The citing of a cement factory in Yandevi.e Benue Cement Company Plc has polluted the land around the cement plant. The pollution in the form of limestone dust, has made the land to be in a state where its cultivation for agricultural purpose has become impossible. The dust is seen on trees and grasses around the factory and the fact that grasses are not greenish i.e. a sign of good condition is an indication that cropping activities would not be fruitful.

Government policy is another important factor impacting on the industrial development of Gboko Local Government area of Benue State. Certain government policies like privatization of government owned properties may bring about massive retrenchment of workers. This was the case when the Benue Cement Company was privatized to the Dangote Group of companies. The new management opted to import labour from other states thereby neglecting the people who were employed by the former administrations. This affected the workers who were owed heavily and had to cope with being unemployed. Corruption affects the industrial development of Gboko heavily to officials of companies often syphon finds meant for development of the companies. Benue Cement Company was bankrupted by poor management by indigenes of the state. Company cars, housing properties shares have been sold for personal use by selfish administrators.

Objectives of the Study

The ultimate objectives of this study are:

i.  To determine the benefits of industrialization to the Gboko Local Government community.

ii.  To find out how lives of people living in Gboko Local Government can be improved through industrialization.

iii.  To find out why Gboko Local Government is not yet industrialized.

iv.  To highlight the methods of encouraging industrialization in Gboko Local Government area

Research Questions

i.  Will there be a significant difference in the employment opportunities available when Gboko Local Government is industrialized.

ii.  Will industrialization improve the lives of people living in Gboko Local Government area?

Definition of Terms

The following terminologies and abbreviations used in the study are explained below.

Industrialization: Is the period of social and economic change that transforms a human group from an agrarian society into an industrial one, involving the extensive re-organization of an economy for the purpose of manufacturing.

Development:  Refers to the physical quality of life index.