The ultimate or core aim of an organization in this world today with the level of competition is to maximize profit and the satisfaction of consumers need through quality product irrespective of competitors and this can be achieved by quality control in an organization. Quality is concerned with fitness or proper quality of product and it also goes with it price and delivery quality control takes this form of fitting standard quality, according to specification delivery and to schedule, the process through which the establish and need standard is commonly call “control series” this process consist of university accepted series of steps applied to problems quality to follows:

i.  Choosing the control subject that is selecting what is to be regulated.

ii.  Selecting a standard values that is specifying the quality characteristics

iii. Creating sourcing services which can measure these characteristic in terms of unit of measure

iv.   Interpretation the difference between actual and standard decision making and acting on the difference. When the universal regulatory process as in the above is applied to problem of product quality. It is often called “quality control” quality control have many definition such as. Quality control is an attempt to identify and analyze weakness in product and decide on how best it is to decide with those problem or weakness so that the organization will grow. Sometimes, the problem with a product is not that it fails to perform to specification but rather that it does not offer any significant advantage over competitors products already in the market. Organization may have employees that are able and having appropriate equipment that leads to the increase in productivity yet sales falls below. Expectation the missing factors in many cases is the lack of effective quality control model in the organization. A manager in any organization needs to have technical knowledge and competence about their product and best control model to be adopted and the best way of handling them effectively. ­


Quality control cannot be ignored if meaningful goals and objectives are expected to be achieved. Quality must be control as well as all other resources use in ensuring quality product. Currently Nigeria major problems in quality control is the use of outdated or inappropriate technology and lack of managerial experience is another problem facing quality control. The success of our present day industries depends on how to manage our resources and to enhance growth and development for the success of industrialization to this end this research is preoccupied Peugeot automobile (Nig.) Kaduna.


The initiative to establish Peugeot automobile Nigeria limited was taken by the federal military government under the leadership of General Yakubu Gowon. The idea was concretized on October, 6, 1969 when the government invited 16 reputable vehicle manufacturing companies in the world to establish a vehicle assembly plant in the country. Twelve years before the initiative was taken Peugeot cars make their first entry into Nigeria when individual imported about 100 units of the cars soon become popular due to their legendary reliability and suitability to Nigeria road conditions. The demand for Peugeot cars in Nigeria rose sharply again in the 1960s with the further introduction of the Peugeot 404 model with the high demand of Peugeot product which was a mark of acceptability. It was therefore, not surprising when in may 7, 1971, Automobile Peugeot of France proposal was selected out of those tendered by 16 various vehicle manufacturers. Peugeot automobile Nigeria limited, PAN was incorporated in December 15, 1972 as limited liability company with an authorized share capital of three million Naira. Twenty seven months after incorporation, the head of state commissioned the assembly plant on march 14, 1975, and through full operations had commenced on march 2, 1975.

1.3    OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY             

i. To look into the process of quality control in the manufacturing organization.

ii. To find out the possible causes of low quality of the organizational product

iii. To know the systems of correction of quality defect of companies and suggestion and recommendation.

iv. To reduce over dependence on import in Peugeot Automobile Nigeria company.


The significance of quality control in the production systems cannot be over emphasized more so, in a competitive environment such as Nigeria, it is imperative for firms to emphasis quality control to enjoy competitive leverages so that their product could compete favourably with the imported goods. However, the attitudes of Nigeria manufacturing towards quality control are less encouraging. This is evidence in poor quality products. They do not make available to consumer or consumers it is then store of inverse importance to the manufacture  as the study has the overall objectives at attaining suggestion which they can effectively handle the challenges of quality control measure in their production activities.

1.5    RESEARCH QUESTIONS             

i. What are the processes of quality control in the manufacturing organization?

ii.  What are the causes of low quality product in the organization?

iii. What are the system involved in correcting quality defect of the companies?

iv. In what way can over dependency on import be reduce in Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited?


Quality control management as chosen as a topic of relevant to the manufacturing industry in Nigeria.Although quality control management is an activity relevant to all business organization and employees of the manufacturing sectors. The research is restricted to the study of quality control management on organizational performance.