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In the pursuit for strong and stable relations, most of the public relations practitioners in Nigeria use different kinds of media for effective communication. Before we go into the topic proper lets first of all understand what a medium is: a medium can be defined as any channel or a means through which public relations pass across messages to the general public. Media are kind of indispensable tools of public relations practitioners because without media, the practice of public relations becomes a clog on the wheel of dissemination of information to the general public; that is to say that, public relations cannot take place effectively without a medium, as the primary objective of public relations is to ensure the a perfect creation and proper maintenance of mutual understanding through a two-way communication system (Black, 1985). Public relations practitioners have different names for each of the public relation media. These are various methods, techniques, vehicles, channels or tools through which messages can be communicated to the public so as to seal relations. The media of public relations can be classified into main categories which are; print and electronic or broadcast media. These two categories can be further divided into group of controllable and uncontrollable media. The print media of public relations includes the Newspapers and Magazines, (which also fall within the confines of uncontrollable media). House journals, institutional books, the staff induction booklets, other may include the Annual report and account, letter, Directories or year book, Calendars, leaflets handbills and posters, etc. while the electronic media of public relations include radio, television cinema, information communication technologies (ICTs), a kind of documentary films and other audio-visual form or electronically communication platforms. It is to this regard that the research work tries to evaluate the use of print media as tool for public relation practice using international breweries plc, ilesa as the case study.


The research observed that in so many organizations in Nigeria, management neither recognizes none appreciate Public Relations activities through print media by building and enhance a good image for the standard of organization.

It has been observed that management attitude is look warm and challent towards Public Relations department and their activities besides; they do not want to spend money on it (Public Relations) activities such as print of posters, publishing of house journal etc. this is because of erroneous and self belief that Public Relation effort (activities) are wasting and unyielding to immediate financial benefits to the organization.

Therefore this project will look at the use of print media as a tool for Public Relation using the International Breweries PlcIlesa as a case study.


1.         To what extent has the Public Relations department in International Breweries Plc Ilesha has been able to affect or have impact on the organization in solving management problem through print media?

2.   Does Public Relations in International Breweries Plc Ilesha make use of appropriate strategies?

3.        To what extent did the Public Relations personnel in International Breweries Plc, Ilesha promote organizational image?

4.         To what level did Public Relations personnel in International Breweries Plc Ilesha has been able to reach his wildest audience through print media for goodwill?


The objectives of this study would include the following:

(1)       To make Public Relations personnel in International Breweries Plc Ilesha able to reach their widest audience through print media.

(2) Among the objective is to make public relations personnel in International Breweries Plc Ilesha to realized how to promote organizational image through the print media.

(3)       To make the public relations department in International Breweries Plc Ilesha be able affect or have impact on the organization in solving management problem through print media.

(4)       To make public relation personnel in International Breweries Plc Ilesha use print media as one of tools to examine the above with a particular reference to Intentional Breweries Plc Ilesha.


In study print media as a tool for Public Relations personnel’s, some fact should be

considered such as seeing how the public relations make use of print media as a tool

Also this research work will try to provide satisfactory answers to some question that are disturbing the mind of policy formulators, students and researcher etc.


Public Relations reaches its wildest audience through the print media students in various institutions will also benefit from this project work by being able to know how Public Relations personnel use print media as a tool.

Moreover, policy formulators will benefits from this research work, because they will be able to identified the usefulness of print media as tool tom Public Relations as a policy formulators and cooperate managers.


The scope of this study will include the Hi – story of Public Relations, Definition of

Public Relations, concepts of Public Relations, Goals of Public Relations such as Establishing and sustaining Good Reputation, Interpretation of Attitude, Budget preparations, corporate design issues, creating Good looks for the organization.

The function of public relations practitioner, The Public definition of journalism, The Print Media, functions of the press effects of the press on Public Relations. And the summary of chapter two.


The major limitation worthy of note in this research work is the non-co-operative attitude

of respondents and the present harsh economic condition in the country.

Also the report of this project is limited to International Breweries Plc, Ilesha. However, other similar organization may find it useful.



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